Thanks to the long and consolidated experience in multidisciplinary Inspection services, GLOBAL ENTRADE can provide highly qualified and professional inspectors duly selected from an extensive team of technicians available worldwide.

All inspectors are subjected to a severe examination and qualification process in accordance with our internal procedures, to prove their capability and competences in conducting Inspection activities.
The Inspection report includes a set of attachments, which better prove/explain the situation, like digital photos, certificates, quality docs/procedures etc..
The report is generally submitted no later than 24 hours from the visit.
Inspections services also include Loading and Pre-Shipment Inspection activities.
GLOBAL ENTRADE is also committed to continuous training of its own inspectors, to keep them updated on the latest Inspection Technologies and Methods.

remote inspections

We can deliver Remote Inspections designed to provide Customer with the same level of technical expertise with an added value of real-time insight.



give us a chanche to improve your business

give us a chanche to improve your business

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