“We are proud to state that Expediting is an extremely crucial part of our business philosophy.”

GLOBAL ENTRADE has trained a considerable group of dedicated expeditors which could be used also for critical manufacturers, since the first phases of the job execution, where a specific and accurate attention shall be given to the timely issuance of technical drawings/procedures, as well as sub‐orders and material receipt, in order to avoid delays to the scheduled start of fabrication.

Depending on Client requirements and budget the service can be provided in the form of a visit or a desk call. As a completion of Expediting visits, a dedicated Report is issued to Client within 24 hours, supported by a set of documents which can better prove/explain the situation, like digital photos, Vendor Document List, Sub Order List and Production Program.

Expediting course

expediting course

The experience gained over the years in the expediting service provision, has allowed us to propose our training courses also to external companies present in the Italian market.



give us a chanche to improve your business

give us a chanche to improve your business

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